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Simple - Natural - Mineral

"Oh my goodness it's so easy!! Eyes, cheeks, lips done!! It goes on well and stays. My tip is to use your brush and blend! Just keep blending and it will have an airbrushed look. I have loved using it for fast, simple and safe-for-my-skin makeup! I use it on the daily to look put together with little effort on my part. Love the colors too!"

"I love the Cocoa Eyes & Cheeks and Lip Tint. The color is beautiful. It's awesome to be able to use one color to achieve the look I want for my eyes and cheeks, plus having the matching lips. I'm not normally a powder person, but the color is perfect for my skin tone so I'm trying it out. It goes on smoothly to help cover my pores. I usually need to touch up only once during the day! I also really like the brown Eyebrow Powder. It went on really well and helped my eyebrows pop!"

"I LOVE the new Plain Jane Cosmetics!! I have the Plum color because that's my go-to color. Let me tell you, it's beautiful on my cheeks and eyes! The best thing is you only need a little because it is so pigmented. The color is fabulous!!"

I bought the Black Cherry color from the Plain Jane Cosmetics line. I love how smooth the powder is. It makes the application process so easy! I love the color! The eye shadow lasts all day! I also love that it's 2 in 1, so I can just throw it in my purse or diaper bag for when I need to freshen up!"

"I'm in love with the air brushing powder. My daughter's complexion looks absolutely flawless when she wears it. For me I also love that I no longer need two products. I was able to ditch my finishing powder!"

"I am very impressed with the Airbrush Finishing powder! It is light feeling, applies easily and blends well with my skin tone. It provides enough coverage to take the shine away yet not look caked on. Great product!

"I have absolutely been loving the Airbrushing powder. I just spent a week and a half in Hawaii and used it daily without burning once. Totally protected me and gave me just enough coverage to have confidence to go out. I also have loved the Eyes & Cheeks make-up. I have it in two colors and love them both! In fact I was wearing the Airbrush powder and blush and someone stopped me at the beach to tell me that they loved my makeup! The nice lady said, 'it's not too much at all but looks natural and stunning!' That made my day."

"I have been using Plain Jane Cosmetics for about a month now. I consistently use the Airbrushing Powder and the mineral make-up. The Airbrushing Powder is a dream! it goes on so light and provides a smooth and even coverage. At the same time, I don't feel like I have any powder on because it is so light. I feel like my skin looks airbrushed! I typically use the mineral make-up on my cheeks. A little bit goes a long way and the color/coverage lasts for hours! I'm a major fan and am switching my make-up to Jujubee products!"

"I really like how simple they are to use. I use the Plum for my eyes, Rose for my cheeks and Pomegranate for my lips. They have good staying power, I really love them!"

"I really love the Plain Jane Cosmetics. It's for sure my favorite lip makeup within my collection of various lip products sitting in my drawer! I purchased the Plum and Cocoa color. It makes my lips feel amazing!"

"I have loved my Plain Jane Cosmetics! I am using the Airbrushing Powder and the Eyes & Cheeks mineral make-up. As a busy mom of 5 kids it has been a lifesaver. So easy to apply and quick! The Airbrushing Powder does great at minimizing my pores, the color is a great match with my skin and it feels GREAT on my skin. The color of the mineral make-up is SO pretty. The best thing about these products is east of use, so quick to apply, looks great and feels great! Love these products!

"I already prefer powder foundation, and basically powder anything as compared to cream or liquid... and was instantly impressed with the quality and texture of this make up powder!"

"Love the air brushing powder! It is the best face powder I have used so far, and I have used quite a few different kinds including many expensive brands. It goes on easily and the color blends in well with my skin, leaving me with a nice, even finish."

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