Two different formula's to help all skin types.


Honey Rose Day Cream:

Hydrating and moisturizing for those with normal to dry skin. This day cream is thicker than the lavender line - but still light enough to wear under foundation and will continue to moisturize all day.


Honey Lavender Day Cream:

Light and fluffy - this day cream is for normal to oily skin, and will disappear without leaving residue behind. Your foundation will glide smoothly over the top, without feeling like there is an extra layer underneath.


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Day Cream

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  • Honey Rose Day Cream:

    Distilled water, rose hydrosol, mango butter, local beeswax and raw honey, argan oil, glycerin, e-wax, allantoin, cetyl alcohol, olive squalane,
    vitamin b5 (pantothentic acid), vitamin e, silk, amino acid, rose absolute/rose geranium oil, CAP5 preservative


    Honey Lavender Day Cream:

    Distilled water, lavender hydrosol, mango, butter local beeswax and raw honey, argan oil, glycerin, e-wax, allantoin, cetyl alcohol, vitamin b3 (niacin), vitamin e, CAP5 preservative, lavender/clary sage/ylang ylang