Our 8 oz Hand & Body Lotion is light yet luxurious. Made with natural ingredients - including raw honey and beeswax harvested from our own backyard hives- you'll immediately notice the difference it makes as it quenches dry skin.


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Hand & Body Lotion

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  • Distilled water, glycerin, e-wax (emulsifier), locally harvested beeswax and raw honey, allantoin, cetyl alcohol, silk peptides, vitamin E oil, almond oil, fragrance oils, CAP5 preservative

  • My Love: 

    A proprietary blend found only at Jujubee! Top notes include grapefruit, clementines, strawberries, smooth Jamaican vanilla and caramel. Middle notes are peach, black currant, rose petals, bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, and Fig leaves. Rounding out the scent is a sweet, white musky base note, with Lily of the Valley undertones and just a hint of licorice. This is a very complex fragrance, at once childlike, playful, and mischievous.... with a touch of irresistible romance. Everyone who has smelled this has fallen in love...with it.

    Lemon Chiffon: 

    Imagine standing outside a French bakeshop. Your mouth waters as the heady aroma of fresh baked lemon chiffon cake wafts out each time the door to the shop opens. Notes of lemon zest, sugary cake, juicy Meyer lemons, and vanilla musk fill the air. Good enough to eat. But, don't. 

    Teakwood & Coconut 

    This scent is meant to entrance a man or woman! Tropical coconut and a wild riot of island flowers (gardenia, lily, jasmine, geranium and violet) dance in the delicate woody softness of aged teakwood, rich tonka beans, dark ​heady ​amber and vanilla musk.

    Sugared Spruce: 

    This poplar Christmas holiday scents gives off a pleasant woody aroma year round that is a perfect blend of greenery and sweetness. Sugared Spruce fragrance oil has notes of stately Blue Spruce, earthen moss, warm cedar wood, and balsam wood rounded out with a base of vanilla and caramel butter with sweet berry hints, cassis, and sugar crystals.



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