Honey Rose Night Cream:


Lusciously thick and extremely hydrating - this nighttime moisturizer will soak into your skin, leaving it incredibly soft to the touch by morning!


Honey Lavender Night Cream:

Smooth and creamy, this night cream will give you all the benefits of balanced moisture, without a greasy feel.


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Night Cream

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  • Honey Rose Night Cream:

    Distilled water, rose hydrosol, mango butter, local beeswax and honey, jojoba/coconut/almond/avacado oils, e-wax (emulsifier), vitamin e, aloe powder, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, CAP5 preservative, rose absolute/rose geranium oil

    Honey Lavender Night Cream:

    Distilled water, lavender hydrosol, glycerin , mango butter, e-wax, vitamin e, local beeswax and raw honey, coconut/almond/grapeseed oils, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, CAP5 preservative, lavender/clary sage/ylang ylang

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