Here is a way to try out some of the great products from Jujubee

for a reduced price!

Each of our "scratch & dent" sample products are simply not quite up to MY standards, and therefore may be purchased at a deeply discounted price - either $1 or $3. Let me give you examples:

  • Not completely filled lip balm  or lip tint

  • Messed up label

  • Leftover product from batch put in 2 oz jar

  • Less popular color/flavor/scent

Limit ONE per order

How it works:

On the "Shop" page, simply select either a

$1 or a $3 scratch & dent sample product. Check out. That's it! You'll receive a surprise product with your order equivalent to the corresponding value.

Due to the scratch & dent sample selections constantly changing, specific request are unable to be granted.


Most $1 products will be a lip balm or lip tint. Most $3 selections will be one of the many products we offer -

in a 2 oz jar.


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