Honey Lavender Line (for NORMAL to OILY skin)


Honey Lavender Clay Cleanser: will remove makeup and oil and is formulated to clarify and tighten your skin. Includes fine pumice to help exfoliate dead skin cells.

Honey Lavender Facial Toner: will remove the last traces of make up and oil and will pH balance your skin. Ideal for teens or others with acneic (acne) or oily skin.

Honey Lavender Day Cream: light and fluffy - this cream is for normal to oily skin, and will disappear without leaving residue behind. Your foundation will glide smoothly over the top, without feeling like there is an extra layer underneath. 

Honey Lavender Night Cream: Smooth and creamy, this night cream will give you all the benefits of balanced moisture, without increasing oily skin.


Honey Rose Line (for NORMAL to DRY skin)


Honey Rose Clay Cleanser: will cleanse skin without stripping it of natural moisture, as well as adding in hydration by way of aloe.

Honey Rose Hydrating Toner: will remove traces of make up and will give you a clean, fresh feeling without stripping your skin of it's optimal pH. This toner is made to hydrate and soothe.

Honey Rose Day Cream: this formula is hydrating and moisturizing for those with normal to dry skin. This day cream is thicker than the lavender line - but still light enough to wear under foundation and will continue to moisturize throughout the day.

Honey Rose Night Cream: Lusciously thick and extremely hydrating - this nighttime moisturizer will soak into your skin, leaving it incredibly soft to the touch by morning!


Charcoal Scrub: This Deep Cleansing Scrub is loaded with charcoal and black soap to help remove impurities and oil from your skin. It is formulated for all skin types. This scrub is extremely potent and should only be used once or twice a week. It will leave your skin taut and glowing.