Mustard Flowers
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I believe in transparency.

A few years ago I tried a brand-new suuuuuper expensive skin care line and had a horrible reaction. When I tried looking up the ingredients to see what possibly could have caused it, they were "proprietary" and unlisted. That experience began a chain reaction with my skin becoming allergic to (seemingly) everything. 


Thus, my journey to make more natural, affordable skin care began. 

I started to read, study and experiment. I learned about water/oil vs oil/water emulsification and what that would mean in skin care. I learned about preservatives - and how little I could use in my products to make them effective but still as natural as possible. And I list all of the ingredients on my website and on every bottle, because I believe in transparency.

It has been years now of using my own products and my skin has never been happier. My chronically dry skin is now hydrated, my fine lines have been lessened and I almost NEVER have breakouts. (Can I get a hallelujah!)


This is my hope for each of you, and guess what?


Find a recipe. Research ratios and experiment. Change and tweak and sample.See what works for you!

Or - if you choose to trust that Jujubee has already done that for you and you shop with us - thank you!

Tamara Simon - Owner, Jujubee, LLC